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Neurosync Physiotherapy and Rehab

NeuroSync is a specialized rehab clinic dedicated to alleviating your acute and chronic conditions and lead you to a better quality of life. Sometimes we live in pain for years without a diagnosis or not knowing where this pain is coming from. Our therapists are trained to get you to the root cause of the pain instead of chasing symptoms which only provide temporary relief. At NeuroSync we provide comprehensive assessments and ensure the right treatment plan is developed for you specifically sometimes using a multi-disciplinary approach. The wonderful 2600 sq. ft facility houses some of the best therapists including physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and osteopath who take a united approach to your better health. Our goal is simple… get you in “sync” with your health!


We at NeuroSync are an energetic, caring and fun group of hard working individuals with one goal in our mind: to help you in your recovery! Our team of therapists work together as we strive to provide the best care and pride ourselves in knowing that you are satisfied and comforatable with your treatment. Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, a concussion, an automobile accident, sports injury, workplace injury or a simple pull or strain, we begin the process of your recovery with a thorough assessment of your injuries along with a discussion of your goals and results.

We then offer the treatment plan to make sure we are all in "sync" with your body and get you on the road to recovery! Rehabiliation is sometimes a long and difficult road but our team can provide you the comfort of knowing you are in the right hands.

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